Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do You Want Financial Change In Your Life?

I met a lot of people who are so comfortable with their lives and getting out of their own comfort zones is seemed so unbearable. Well, you can not blame these people. As human being, we love comfort and we hate changes especially if changes require another adjustment.

Two years ago, I've been so comfortable with my job. I had a great boss and colleagues. Though I didn't earn that much but the work environment I have kept me from seeing wonderful opportunities outside. I believed then that I can be financially free if I stay hoping that salary increase would spell the difference.

Until one day, the management announced that they are going to enter into a venture agreement with other company.In short, retrenchment is inevitable to all of us. I was sad and a bit excited at the same time. I was excited then because I believe that my position is secured even a new management arrived.

A sad news came. No one from the existing staff will be retained. All of us were asked to resign. Ouch!

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Admit that you need help

Like Hem and Haw in the above video, I was scared to move out and discover a "new cheese station". My limiting beliefs hinder me too see what my mind can see. My love of reading self-help books had help me to regain my strength and review my financial status. They say that "unless a patient admits he is sick, he will not seek doctor's help". So am I. I started smelling another "cheese station" when I admitted that I really need to cure my financial condition before it's too late.

Find your "emotional why"

While I review my financial status, I began writing my dreams with the amount on it and when it will be fulfilled. The truth struck me down. Most of my dreams are long overdue. If I will not move my ass, these dreams will remain dreams forever. So I decided that action should be made that day! My DREAMS is long enough to enumerate but I keep it always visible so to remind me everyday.

Face your fear

Like anyone else, I got also my list of "what ifs". "When you move behind your fear, you feel free" is always true. I came to discover that most of my fears are only in my mind. They were born of a fearful spirit. I unmasked my fears one by one and I became FREE!

Problems does not happen for no apparent reason. God has many ways of telling us that the blessings we're looking for can be found outside our comfort zones. All we have to do is to step outside.

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