Monday, July 26, 2010

Introducing: My Video Talk

Last June 4, 2010, a new friend of mine introduced to me an e-commerce business: a cutting-edge communications technology. The first time I saw it, I just said yes to it. And the rest are history.

The fact is, I got my prayer answered that day. The universe just heard what I'm confessing into the world: FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

A day before, I was asking God to give me the opportunity to earn on the side since our salaries were delayed for three months. I never get tired of attracting opportunities, from the small opportunities in the internet to many other survey sites until I was lead to My Video Talk. The Law of Attraction really works.

"What you focus on expands" is my favorite quote. Indeed, my focus manifested differently.

The investment of $350.00 wasn't my problem. It's the solution! Then the following day, I raised the said amount and had myself signed up and so my business with MVT started up without further delay. I keep in mind that I should have the bias for action and never procrastinate.

I thank God that I was introduced to CA2020 last Dec. 2009 where I got my rich mindset and since then I became unstoppable. I never had this kind of adrenaline rush before in pursuing my life's financial dream.

After doing MVT for almost two (2) months, I can't believe that I have already 21 down lines and with a posted earnings of $325.00. I'm so excited to see my executive bonus of $200.00 next Wednesday.

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in his book "The Business School" the advantages of networking. Though many were mislead before that networking is synonymous to "pyramiding". I must admit that I was once a "burned"  victim of networking. But the only difference now is that I know how to transform my limiting beliefs about networking into powerful beliefs.

According to Mr. Kiyosaki, the following are the important real-life business subjects that network marketing companies teach:

1. An attitude of success
2. Leadership skills
3. Communication skills
4. People skills
5. Overcoming personal fears, doubts, and lack of confidence
6. Overcoming the fear of rejection
7. Money management skills
8. Investing skills
9. Accountability skills
10. Time management skills
11. Goal setting
12. Systemization

Companies that possess the values of network marketing business have enormous potentials of giving everyone the source of long-term residual income that would eventually lead to financial freedom as long as you have the right mindset and you have the ability to manage your finances. I'm very happy that I found MVT at the right time, at the right place with THE RIGHT MINDSET.

By the way, it's my great honor to present to you my website in MVT. In MVT, we called it Web Channel. Enjoy watching and feel free to contact me if you are interested to make MVT also your business.

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