Thursday, May 20, 2010

Until I Found The Social Networking Site That Pays Its Members

Are you a Facebook addict? Does Facebook pays you for being one?

I was a Facebook addict even until now, but the good thing is I started rehabilitating myself by being addicted to another Social Networking site that pays me by doing the same thing I do with all my  social networking sites. Is it cool? It's not just cool, it's also very practical! 

As I continue my journey towards financial abundance, I keep my eyes open for thousands of possibilities that the universe may give me everyday of my life. 

"Every great teacher that ever walk in the planet has told us that life is meant to be abundant"--from the movie The Secret 

Let me introduce you to PeopleString...

What is PeopleString?

PeopleString is an international social network media site where everybody can meet new friends, build relationships, join groups and share common interests. It has all the features of any social networking sites like blog, forums, games, polls, photo albums, videos, chat, applications, search engine and more.

PeopleString is basically like Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, Friendster and among others. The difference is that PeopleString pays their members for doing the same things they do on “other” social sites. Isn’t that great?!

PeopleString is the first and next in the evolutionary line of social networking media sites. A community based site where all members gets paid for being active. PeopleString shares 70% of their revenues, from advertisers and other income, back to the members.

What is Revenue? It is the total gross income the company receives without deducting the expenses. Just imagine how generous PeopleString is.

So, aside that it’s a social network media site. It’s also a great income opportunity. With PeopleString the members owns the web.

Common Questions About PeopleString

I am an affiliate marketer and also involved on other online money making programs. How will this social site help me?

It will help you a lot. It’s a social networking site where you can meet new like-minded friends. Meaning this site will be a great opportunity for you to introduce your other online money making programs. Make sure you put it on the right category so that you will not spam the forums.

I just want to use it like any other social network sites. Would that be ok?

Yes it’s ok. You can freely use it like you normally do on other social network site and invite your friends the same way you invited them on other social sites. But weather you like it or not you still get paid for doing those things.

I just want to use their advanced email and their self-destructing email features which is good for affiliate marketing. Would that be ok?
Even though their email system is more advanced than Yahoomail or Gmail it’s totally FREE.

Is this a scam site?

First, let us define what is a SCAM. The term scam is used to describe Internet/online/computer fraud to steal money from people. You can sign-up on PeopleString for FREE and have the option to become and entrepreneur.

You can sign-up on FaceBook for FREE but FaceBook does not pay you. Does that make FaceBook a scam? I don’t think so. But you use their services and do all sorts of things there.

You can sign-up on PeopleString for FREE but PeopleString pays you. Does that make PeopleString a scam? I don’t think so. You can also do things here the things you normally do on other social sites.

If it’s totally free to become a PeopleString member, then how will they pay their members?
As you can see the obvious, social networking sites is a $1.3 billion dollar industry as of 2010 and will even grow. Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, Twitter, Friendster, and among others do not ask any payments from their members. Their membership is FREE. Am I right?

These social sites keeps all the revenues for themselves. While all the free members are making them rich by providing web traffic in exchange for their services. The more web traffic coming to their site, more advertisers will pay for anything to put their ads on them. Are you seeing now where the money comes from?

The income PeopleString receives comes majority of it from their advertisers. As more people joins PeopleString and use their services, there income also increases. Why? More web traffic means more advertisers and 70% of that income are shared among the members. It also means that the revenue sharing of the members also increases as more advertisers advertise on PeopleString.

I am a networker and I like to earn more passive income by building my network. Can PeopleString provide this opportunity?

Definitely, Yes! PeopleString has 6 generations of income streams. You get paid 5% from all your direct referrals lifetime earnings and 2% from level 2 to 6 of your referrals lifetime earnings.

Like any MLM business it will take a lot of time and effort at the beginning and gets easier the moment you reach the exponential growth point.

This is the BIGGER PICTURE OF PEOPLESTRING. Just be active and focus on building wider and deeper network.

The video below shows the potential income of PeopleString by just doing the daily activity of earning PeoplePoints.

Since you mention MLM system integrated in PeopleString, is this a Pyramid Scheme?
System means an organized set of ideas, while scheme means a systematic plan of action. Yes it is an organized set of ideas in a systematic plan of action.

What you mean is the Ponzi of Pyramiding scheme which is illegal. Pyramid schemes profits from the volume of registration fees from new recruited members in order to survive.

Social networking sites do not ask any fees from their members in order to survive and that includes PeopleString. They earn from advertising as explained awhile ago.

I do not want to grow my network. Can I still earn on PeopleString?

Yes, you still can. You can use PeopleString as a medium to introduce your other online money making programs on other PeopleString members. Just do not spam them. Remember to ask permissions first before you blast them with your other online opportunities.

PeopleString has other streams of income too. The PeopleDollar where you could earn $1 for every 100 PeopleDollar you collect. They also have a Mail-Box Cash-Box program which is for now available for US/Canada residences and soon it will be available worldwide.

Why I did not received my Mail-Box Cash-Box code?

Mail-Box Cash-Box is for US/Canada residences for now. It will be open worldwide soon when PeopleString gets more advertisers from worldwide companies.

Why is it that my $0.5 referral bonus still under pending status?
It will remain pending until such time the person verifies his Mail-Box Cash-Box code which is available for US/Canada for now. Therefore, to earn their $0.5 referral bonus you must invite a member from US/Canada for now. Remember that this is just one of their income stream. Do not loose focus on building your network wider and deeper since this is where the huge money comes in, from revenue sharing.

Do I need a PayPal account for this?

Yes, you need an ALERTPAY account and a bank account to withdraw your earnings.

Creating an ALERTPAY account:
Step 1: Click here to sign-up ALERTPAY.

Step 2: Choose PERSONAL PRO account!

How much will I earn and how do I get paid?
Once your lifetime earnings reaches $25 or more it will automatically go to your ALERTPAY account.

Proof of payments from PeopleString. (Video Proofs are much better and credible than image

How long will it takes before I get my very first payment?
It takes about 60 days for first time FREE users to get their payments. After that, it will be on a regular monthly basis. Which is normally the case because it takes some time to grow the network and collecting PeoplePoints for being active on their site. For entrepreneurs, they get paid every 2 weeks.

I received an email that I’m already paid through PayPal but it is still not showing up?
It usually takes 7-10 days from the time they told you before it will show on your PayPal account.

What are lifetime earnings and current earnings?

Lifetime earnings are your real earnings where when it reaches $25 or more it will automatically go to your ALERTPAY account.

Current earnings is your Pending earnings. It is usually the referral bonus which needs to be confirmed by entering the Mail-Box Cash-Box code which is available to US/Canada residences for now. So it will remain pending for non-US/Canada residences for now until such time it will be available worldwide.

What should I need to do in order to receive their monthly revenue sharings?

You only need to complete at least 100 PeoplePoints every month to be eligible to receive their monthly revenue sharing.

What is PeoplePoints and How do I complete my daily 100 PeoplePoints?
PeoplePoints is use to determine how active you are on PeopleString. It is also use to determine how much revenue sharing you will get from the allocated 70% revenues received from their advertisers. The more PeoplePoints you collect the greater your share, from you and your network, will be.

In order to earn PeoplePoints you need to do these tasks:

1) Login to PeopleString = 10 PeoplePoints
2) Use their Google custom search engine = 10 PeoplePoints (Your need to refresh the browser to see the updated PeoplePoints)
3) Just Click Mail-Box Cash-Box since this is available for US/Canada for now = 10 PeoplePoints
4) Just Click any shopping categories and do a window shop = 10 PeoplePoints (Buy only if you need it)
5) Check your PeopleString email = 10 PeoplePoints

It will total to 50 PeoplePoints. To get the daily 100 PeoplePoints just do these same tasks after 12 hours. This is what most PeopleString members do.

PeoplePoints Update:

You can now earn 200 PeoplePoints per day. You can earn within every 6 hours. The PeoplePoints system resets 12nn/12mn (EST) and 6am/6pm (EST)

Here’s how I do it productively instead of waiting for 12 hours. I only do it in less than 1 hour. Here’s how.

You need to understand that their PeoplePoint system resets every 12 noon and 12 midnight Philippine time. So, it is logical to do the daily 100 PeoplePoints either:

11:55 AM and 12:05 Noon Schedule (10 Mins)

I login around 11:55 AM and do all the 50 PeoplePoints tasks and then logout. Do some other Internet surfing stuff.

Afterwards, I login again around 12:05 Noon and do all the 50 PeoplePoints tasks to complete my 100 PeoplePoints daily activity.

11:55 PM and 12:05 Midnight Schedule (10 Mins)

You get the idea already. In just within 10 minutes I’m done. It’s no secret actually. I just studied their system carefully.

Also around 5:55 AM and 6:05 AM and 5:55PM and 6:05PM

How can I earn more than 200 PeoplePoints per day?
By playing the PrizeWheel and the Coin-Man. Here’s how you do it:

PrizeWheel – Every time you referred someone and that person verifies his email account you get a free spin. You are entitled to have at maximum of 5 spins per day. Prizes ranges from 20 PeoplePoints to 1000 PeoplePoints and $1 to $100 that will go directly to your lifetime earnings. The minimum you earn here is 20 PeoplePoints. So you always win.

Coin-Man – It’s a game of chance. You bet some PeoplePoints and if you win you earn twice the amount you gambled.

What is PeopleDollars?

You earn PeopleDollars by doing a free survey, signing-up on other online programs and deals, doing tasks under Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

100 PeopleDollars = $1 once reach it will go directly to your lifetime earnings.

Who owns PeopleString?

PeopleString is owned by Darin Myman, President and CEO of BigSring Corporation, an Email service company. Below is a video of him being interviewed on CNBC by Donny Deutsch on The Big Idea.

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