Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Does A New President For Pinoy Will Bring Financial Hope?

The Filipino voters have chosen a new leader that will bring the country to a new level of victory: both moral and economy. Our country has been plague by allegations of corruptions and our mother land has a lot of legwork to do to continue climbing the economic ladder. And having a qualified leader is a must to make these things happen.

I wasn't able to vote last election for absentee voting, however, I'm very happy that even my voice wasn't heard and counted in the PCOS machine, majority of the population have shared with my "ideal" for a presidential candidate and voted for Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

One of campaign promises of Noynoy once elected is to create jobs at home so that working abroad will be out of choice, not necessity. I love that promise. And I want to see that promise in reality. Believe me, life away from home, from loved one is not an easy thing. Kung kumikita lang ba ng malaki sa 'Pinas bakit pa kailangan lumayo? (Why should leave Philippines if your earnings is big enough?)

Statistics show that about 10% of the population, overseas workers sent home $17.3 billion in 2009, up 5.6% from 2008 despite the global recession and accounting for 10.8% of gross domestic product. All of these remittances came from an estimate of nine million Filipinos who work overseas as maids, bankers, seamen, doctors, nurses, construction workers, drivers, teachers, cooks, engineers, farmers, musicians, air crew, nightclub hostesses and more. I'm proud that I am one these unsung heroes.

Reports say that without the overseas workers' contributions, growth would have been tougher and domestic unemployment would have been much higher. So Mr. Aquino faces a very challenging economic test if he will translate his campaign promise into action. Let's see. And let's pray. And more importantly, let us become the changes we want to see for our country. The next question is HOW?

Let me share you the realization of Bo Sanchez, my mentor: "There can be no real Freedom in life without Financial Freedom". I would say that this applies to all Filipinos who depend greatly from government. If the government fails, these people complain and blame the government for their fate. Let us stop complaining and stop waiting for opportunity to fall on our lap. Let us start creating our life and making things happen.

The only difference from the rich and the poor people is their mindset. Do you believe on that? That's according to T. Harv Eker from his book Secrets of the Millionaires Mind. To have a rich mind, Mr. Eker recommends the following steps :

1. Know your money blueprint
2. Reprogram your money blue print
3. Disassociate yourself from limiting beliefs about money
4. Recondition your money belief

The next leader of our country should lead all Filipinos to learn the entrepreneurial spirit so that we will start how to grow money through different business and investment vehicles. We can stop sending workers abroad if we create world class Filipino businessmen. Why not dream of a new Philippines where its citizens become business owners employing other nationalities as workers. It doesn't matter how long it will take us to that dream, what matter is we as nation, are taking every step closer to that dream.

On a personal level, I'm happy that I'm taking my own initiative to step further towards my financial freedom. One winter day, I was introduced to a friend whom I just met here in Qatar. Since I've been looking for mentors who can guide, coach, lead me towards financial freedom, I just said "yes" to his invitation to join Create Abundance 2020 International Network in the Philippines. This community has a mission of spreading financial education throughout the nation and the world and committed to create a First World Philippines.

Does watching soap opera in television everyday can make you rich?
Does betting for a lotto ticket or "jueteng" can ensure the attainment of your dreams?
Does procrastination can bring you closer to your dreams?

Do you think financial education can bring you financial success?
Does a new government can guarantee three-meal-a-day for your family?

Your answer to these questions will depend on your mindset. Always remember, you create your life. Your life does not depend from anyone else.

There's so much to expect from the new President of the Republic but we should not forget that driving our nation towards a First World Philippines requires collaborative effort from you, together. 

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